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Accessibility Training
Telephone:UK +44 (0)1903-783-788
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Welcome To Accessibility Training

We offer specialised training with the Jaws screen reader and music technology products. We Continue to provide on site training to clients/students in colleges throughout the United Kingdom and remote technical support to clients in other locations such as the United States via skype. For more information on the training that we offer, go to the:

Music Technology


Or to book training, go to the:

Terms Of Business


You may also wish to take a look at our:

Free Music Technology Resources


We are also experienced with installing ROMS on Android phones. For more information on this, feel free to take a look at our:

Installing Cyanogen ROM Mod 9 Software


Latest News

We have been involved with helping create a fantastic solution for using Samplitude. You will find information about that on the:

Samplitude Access Website

We have now developed a solution to make the TT Dynamic Range Meter accessible. You can read about that and purchase the HsC sets and Jaws scripts on the:

TT Dynamic Range Meter Page

The new HSC sets for Superior Drummer 2 and EZ Drummer are now available for purchase. We have worked with ToonTrakc on making these products accessible. We would like to thank Rogue Marechal for technical assistance with the product, Sarah muir for help with creating the sets and Tim Burgess, Steve Wicketts and Jean for beta testing the sets. Last but by no means least, we would like to thank:

Jim Snowbarger"

For adding lisencing to HotSpotClicker

You can purchase the sets on the:

ToonTrack Access


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