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Welcome To the Creating Accessible Flash Page On Accessibility Training

Thanks to

Victor Tsaran

for supplying the accessible .swf file in the .zip package and for supplying the .html code. Thanks to Phil Muir for modifying the .html code and supplying the example playlist file. Special thanks to Jerry Majewski for debugging the code in the .swf file and making the play button and other buttons in the .swf object accessible to screen readers. Note: in order to make flash accessible to screen readers, you will need to use this object, and not other flash objects such as any of the ones that ship with CakewalkPublisher. You will also need to use the revised example.html code in the .zip package. Place the xspf__player.swf file in the same directory as your MP3's.

The .zip file, also contains an example.xspf playlist file. Mor information on the .xspf format, including some parameters that are not present in the sample.xspf file, can be obtained on the:



This file can easily be changed to add more .MP3 tracks, and should also be placed into the same directory as the flash object and MP3's. We have also added some example .html code, that will need to be placed into the web page that you are adding flash too. Note: you will need to edit the .html and example .xspf file and modify the code with your website URL etc. The supplied .html will cause the player to be centered on the page. We also set-up the .html code so that the player won't automaticly play music. You can alter the code so that it will automaticly start the music playing etc however, if you do that then, you won't see the playlist title display on the page. You may need to adjust the height of the player in the provided .html code if for example, you have 10 songs displayed on the page.

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