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Welcome To The Free Music Technology Resources Page On Accessibility Training

Accessibility Training are responsible for maintaining the HotSpotClicker website. HotSpotClicker is a set of Jaws scripts that can be used to create access in applications where it previously did not exist. You can read about HotSpotClicker over on the:



We have read all of the documentation available for the FW-1884 control surface and created an accessible document that contains all of this useful infromation. You can read it on the:

FW1884 Document


If your a Sonar user then, you may wish to read the:

Sonar FAQ

That we have put together.

Behringer BCF And BCR 2000 Control Surfaces

Of late there has been a lot of interest in the BCR and BCF2000 control surfaces from Behringer. We are currently looking into the accessibility of these products. In the mean time you can download all of the very latest drivers and documentation from this web page.

Behringer 2000 Drivers And documentation in .rar format [7.31MB]

These files were originally obtained from the:

Source Forge Website

Note: where appropriate, I have placed some of the documentation inside some of the various folders in this package E.G, the bcr2000controlsource_v110

folder, contains the:


file. I have also left various documents inside certain folders, as that's where they were when I downloaded them.

Would you like to create flash on your website that is accessible for screen readers?

Click Here For The Creating Accessible Flash


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to do a clean install of Windows XP? Would you like to be able to build an install that has all of the latest updates slipstreamed into it? you can download all of the information required to do this, over on the:

Unassisted Windows install


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