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Welcome To The Unassisted Windows install page

Here, you will find an example Windows answer file and a second file which, will enable you to create a bootable Windows CD with all of the very latest updates on it. Incorporating the answer file into your Windows XP bootable CD will create an unattended Windows installation CD E.G, a CD that will require no user input.

I am not going to describe in detail the content of ether of these files here. If you want them then, you can download them and read them at your leisure. Both files are clearly written and self-explanatory.

You can ether put the answer file on a floppy disk or, if you are creating a bootable Windows XP cd, into the i386 directory on your Windows XP CD. Note: you will need to ad your own product key and change other items such as the country code, organisation and network. Also, I would change the file name back to all capitals. It should read like this, obviously without the quotation marks: "WINNT.SIF" Please read carefully! And make the various alterations to this file such as adding your own Windows XP product key before using this file.

Also, this answer file will wipe out the first partition on your hard drive. It will also change the file system to NTFS and won’t install components such as the games, sample sounds and other items such as MSN Explorer. This file should also change the Windows layout back to the nicer old style Windows Explorer interface rather than the Windows XP one. I have had mixed results with Windows altering the layout back to the old style Windows Explorer interface.

Once Windows has completed the installation, and providing Windows XP has found some sound card drivers that work with whatever sound card is on your system, you will hear some music. You will probably want to start narrator in order to finish off the installation. Using the key combination, Windows key and the letter U, will bring up all of the accessibility options and narrator will be talking. You can get rid of the other various dialog boxes by going to the “ok button” and pressing the enter key.

All of the methods used on this page I.E, using the Windows XP unattended installation file, creating a slipstreamed Windows XP CD I.E, a Windows XP CD with all of the latest Service packs and updates on it, and creating a bootable Windows XP CD have been used by me personally and do work. However, I will not be held responsible if, for some reason, the answer file doesn’t work or, the OS won’t install.

If you are going to simply reinstall the operating system as an Unassisted Windows install then, you will just need the. WINNT.SIF file on this page.

If you feel that you would like to create a slipstreamed Windows XP CD and make a bootable CD from those files then, you will also need the Slipstreaming Windows XP And Service Packs On To One CD.rtf file which, is also on this page. Both of the above mentioned files can be downloaded, by write clicking on the file name and choosing “save target as.”

Note: In order to create a slipstreamed Windows XP CD, you will need the latest service pack that you wish to slipstream E.G, Windows XP Service Pack 3. Remember that if for example, you have a CD without any service packs on it, and you wish to slipstream the CD to Windows XP Service pack 3 then, you can download Windows XP Service pack 3 and integrate it, without integrating previous service packs into the installation. You can do a search on Google for the latest Windows XP service packs.

Good luck with downloading the files and creating the bootable Windows XP Slipstreamed CD.

"Click here to download the WINNT.SIF or, Windows answer file, (1.40kb) "Click here to download the Slipstreaming Windows XP And Service Packs On To One CD file, (9.72kb).

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